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Semi-automatic TubeFilling &Sealing Machine

Semi-automatic TubeFilling &Sealing Machine



● operating speed: 60 / min (max)
● filling capacity: 5-250ml
● Filling accuracy: ≤ ± 1%
● Suitable hose length: 50-210mm
● Suitable hose diameter: Φ10-50mm
● feeding system: inclined automatic alignment of the entire feed bin
● Optional: Saddle-shaped folding and sealing device, and can be adjusted to achieve folding three sides and saddle fold
● Optional: sandwich barrel insulation device
● Optional: barrel internal mixing device
● Optional: automatic control feeding device (pump)
● Optional: finished pipe output delivery device
Applies to: metal pipe

Semi-automatic TubeFilling &Sealing Machine Technical Parameters



 Metal tube

 operating speed

 60/min (max)

 Filling volume


 Filling accuracy

 ≤ ± 1%

 suitable hose length


 suitable for hose diameter


 feeding tube system

 Sliding-type automatic column arranging tube feeding warehouse


 Mezzanine barrel insulation device
 barrel internal mixing device
 automatic control feeding device (pump)
 finished tube output conveyor

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